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"Psychotronic" (in English)

Album: Psychotronic

Despite the language barrier, Kenji Siratori's words permeate amidst some rather sub-par techno/industrial.

Kenji Siratori is certainly a unique figure in today's literary and musical culture, having applied his dystopian perspectives and cyberpunk aesthetics to a long list of books and albums. Collaborating with the likes of Brainclaw, Portion Control, Star of Ash, Prometheus Burning, and Nordvargr to name but a few, Siratori has become a modern day poet in the online era. With Psychotronic, his collaboration with Russian group Golden Age, Siratori espouses his techno-centric message amidst a sea of blistering club beats, scorching electro leads, and mechanized textures befitting his cyberpunk atmospheres. Of course, given that Siratori's words on this album are exclusively in his native Japanese tongue, the appeal of Psychotronic is diminished only slightly lest the audience retain an open mind or an appreciation for the various languages inherent to the world. Indeed, Siratori's deadpan vocals hardly waver with any sense of extreme emotion or variation apart from a few effects, giving a mechanical quality to his words that complements the music perfectly. Even without an understanding of Japanese, the listener can get lost in a maze of circuit-bent madness. Golden Age's music is certainly appropriate, though certain tonalities and melodies run the fine line of preset familiarity and predictability. If that weren't enough, the production on Psychotronic, while adequate to the album's goals, does wreak havoc on the ears, forcing one to reach for the volume switch all too often. Still, as an album of cyber-inflected techno-poetry, Kenji Siratori and Golden Age deliver the goods as songs like "Space," "Chaosmic," and the wildly epic progressions of the dual "Corpse City" tracks will send you to the dance floor while filling your head with Siratori's message... even if you can't fully understand it.

By: Ilker Yucel / Editor

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