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"Psychotronic" (in English)

Album: Psychotronic

Kenji Siratori, a Japanese cyberpunk writer, and Golden Age, a Moscow-based synthetic metal band have united their artistic forces in 2006 and now are ready to deliver their debut album "Psychotronic" - a unique mixture of experimental, uncompromising, progressive, intense prose and avant-garde, provocative, cyber-industrial rhythm. According to the bio on their MySpace page we should expect something extraordinairy over here. Already known with the gentle music of Golden Age this biography, blessed with the term cyberpunk writer, caught my attention immidiately. And the outcome is very surprising to say the least! This hasnt much to do with the music of Golden Age, and neither with the cyberpunk Im familiar with (Punish Yourself, Brutalizzed Kids, etc.). Instead this CD brings you eleven tracks of easy listening EBM/future pop music mixed with the preaching vocals of Kenji Siratori. Between the songs, theres quite some variation: the soft danceable beats in songs like Anti-Prologue, Space and Spiral World are in contrast with the more harsh beats on tracks like Strange God and Mode. Furthermore, we have some interesting key and programming parts on Corpse City and even a very cool sensitive synth track Orbit. Psychotronic happens to be very experimental indeed, and fans of many different music styles might find some relaxing alternative with this project. This CD will definitely end up in my playlist for my next DJ set. Very cool and spacey stuff, but not something I would listen to every day. Extravaganza!

Vote: 80 / 100

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