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"Golden Age" (in English)

Album: Golden Age
Year: 2007

Golden Age is one of the Russian bands that I got to know because of my works for this webzine. My experiences with Russian bands are the same in most cases; theyre really original and talented but have no chance to survive in Europe. Golden Age is one of those bands. With their Break Down EP, released in 2006, they already showed their big potential to me. Their collaboration with Kenji Siratori turned out to be a positive surprise as well (although it was hard to recognise the original music of Golden Age), so all we needed was a full-lenght. My prayings were heard and answered pretty soon, because right now I have the debut and self-titled full-lenght of Golden Age in my hand, ready to be reviewed.

After the intro, the album kicks off with Fallen Angel. It contains EBM synthlines, dark and powerful guitars and a gentle approach overall. The clean vocal lines are as beautiful as recogniseable, while the diverse drumrhytms and guitarwork shows a tip of the song building talents of this Russian formation. The silent ending floats excellently into the uptempo tunes of Self-Deception. It has some wicked electronic sampling all over the track, while the recogniseable chorus takes care of the amount of power within the track. Messiah is a very modern industrial metal track, with a very catchy chorus and a commercial approach overall. Its an excellent mix of old school metal and modern industrial touches. Break Down opens with dark electronics and strong guitars, but evolves in a gentle and easy listening track. Its a cool mix of gothic and industrial, with an extravagant touch of the characteristic Golden Age style. On the Edge of the Ice is the first song in Russian. Its an atmospheric track, with uptempo drumming and powerful guitarriffs. Next up comes the most Satanic song of the record. It kicks off with very powerful guitar and drumworks, to be followed by an industrial metal track which is heavely EBM influenced on the sampling. Its an easy listening, maybe even poppy and danceable track, thats followed by another Russian track; You Didnt Find Peace. Although I dont understand anything of the lyrics, this turns out to be my favourite track on the release. Its a danceable track, with very powerful programming and strong keylines. The guitarwork fits the song very good, as well the beautiful vocal lines. The track is danceable overall, and the catchyness makes it an exceptional track. Ghost is the next track, also in Russian. Its a more atmospheric track, with a very powerful intro (on where the guitars, drums and keylines are perfectly brought together). The track has recogniseable vocal lines and powerful guitarparts, which makes it definitely a track to remember. Forbidden Season turns out to be my second fave track on the release. Its a very beautiful track, with lyrics that fit the vocal style very well. Furthermore, the track has really strong instrumental parts (powerful drumming!) and cold keylines all over the track. Golden Age leaves the more dark romantic atmosphere of Forbidden Season behind, to go back to the more dark sinister atmosphere of songs like Ghost and Fallen Angel. The guitarparts are very heavy mixed, and since theyre also pretty downtuned they take care of a big amount of power all over the track. The gentle electronics fit the dark atmosphere pretty well, as well as the catchy vocal lines (sing-a-long chorus? Yes!). The release ends with a dark club remix of Messiah, which turns out to be a pretty cool bonus track to be played at club parties.

Golden Age has not only confirmed their big potential to me once more, they even managed to improve themselves. The songs have more variation in both songwriting as in the approach, and the electronic parts are more decent than before. Golden Age plays pretty accessable and modern music, and this debut full-lenght shows that theyre ready to conquer the world.

Vote: 96 / 100 Reviewed by: Gerardo

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